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nofire smFireproof Document Storage

 Our new storage room is ideal for protecting sensitive and valuable documents.

Our fireproof storage room give additional protection for irreplaceable documents.


Document Storage 

Convenient Delivery Service

Document Archiving 

Are you looking for a secure document storage service for your important records & files?

Our document storage services and document shredding, provides a personal first class service with collection and retrieval.

The FileRoom is a secure environmentally controlled facility, specifically designed for document archiving.

Let us MakeRoom with our offsite document storage service.


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Convenient Pick-Up and Delivery Service

Collection Our friendly uniformed staff can deliver to you our specifically designed boxes for you to fill.


Document Box
Self Storage

Save money with our self service document storage solution.  Box storage for pennies a day.



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Collection and Retrieval

Collection Our friendly uniformed staff can deliver to you our specifically designed boxes for you to fill. 

Or we can collect the boxes you have already filled. Each box is given a unique bar code, and this is scanned before it leaves your office, ensuring that the box can be tracked at every point of movement.

The boxes are then stored in our secure offsite document storage warehouse with absolute discretion.

Retrieval When you want particular records back you simply fax, phone or Email us.

Our system allows us to use many reference options for each box & any can be quoted. (Our sophisticated O'Neil software has many search options so no box will ever be mislaid)

Your records will be returned to you in one of our named vehicles, efficiently & quickly. We treat your privacy with the utmost respect & will deliver the whole box back to you, for your staff to open.


Document Box Storage

Store your company's files for pennies a day.

Keep your files and documents safely stored at an offsite location with the convenience of our delivery and collection services.

What does it mean for a business?

Document storage offers companies a great solution for storing their documents. You may be thinking storing documents is not a major problem companies are faced with especially with everything they have to deal with on a daily basis, but let’s take a closer look at what document storage actually means to see how it can really benefit a business. Instead of having your documents piling up in the corner of your office, getting dusty, probably damaged, and becoming more and more out of order as the days go by, you can hand over all of your documents to a document storage company. They come along and box all the documents in a correct filing system, take them to their super secure property and keep them there. If you ever need a document you can simply give them a call and they’ll retrieve the document and send it over that same day. Easy!

What does this mean for your businesses?

The major advantage to businesses document storage companies have, especially for businesses in the UK, is the space they save. Instead of having to dedicate a whole corner of your office, or even more in some circumstances, to simply storing your documents you can put this space to better use. We all know property and office space in the UK isn’t exactly cheap, in fact it is probably the highest in the EU, and so being able to put this space to better use is really a huge asset. If you think you are paying x amount for your office space, you are indeed paying x amount for the corner where your documents are stored but you are not making money as this doesn’t generate any revenue. However, by using a document storage company you can use that space for better use such as another employee. An extra employee will generate a great deal of revenue for the company which will more than cover costs for the office space they are occupying and the document storage company. A much better idea for the company and you are providing an extra job for the community.

How Document Storage in the UK has grown

This is just one of the many benefits document storage companies offer and so there is no wonder that document storage has grown exponentially over the years especially in the UK. In fact it has now been recorded that the self storage industry in the UK now generates a revenue of about £360 million and has over 230,000 customers.

Secure Document Shredding and Document Disposal

 Documents at the end of their life-cycle need to be securely destroyed. We shred each document and securely dispose/recycle the waste material.

 Digital Archiving

Before destroying a document you may wish us to digitally archive it so it is available in the future.

Read more about FileRoom scanning and digital archiving services.

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