Fireproof Document Storage

Our new fireproof storage room is ideal for protecting sensitive and valuable documents, and provides additional protection for irreplaceable documents.

Our purpose-built, fire proof storage is now available, and offers a high level of protection for essential document storage:

  • Fire proof storage provides three hours of protection from external fire-generated heat, and smoke damage, allowing emergency responders ample time to tackle an external fire.
  • The FileRoom fireproof document storage area is contained within our secure warehouse.
  • Collection and delivery is provided as a standard part of our document storage services.
  • Ideal for secure storage of essential legal documents, such as property deeds.

Demand for secure fireproof storage has continued to rise since many high street banks began to reduce their safety deposit services; our secure storage services provide affordable off-site solutions to your data compliance and essential document safeguarding needs – contact The FileRoom for a quote today.